Jonathan Lundström

Jonathan Lundström

Developer & designer from Sweden. I started working with the computer and graphics when I was about nine years old. I specialize in web development using WordPress and Laravel, and also recently started developing iOS applications. I’m currently available for work; if you are interested in the two of us working together, please do contact me.

WordPress Development

Websites with WordPress

I’ve been working with WordPress for the past six years specializing in creating websites, blogs and systems written using 100% native WordPress methods and hooks. By doing so I know that my code is always up to date and works without breaking when an updated version of WordPress is released. Please do let me know if I can assist you in any WordPress related development.

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Web applications

Web Applications

Laravel is one of the premiere PHP frameworks and helps you build robust and stable applications. I’ve been working with Laravel for about two years and am constantly amazed by how robust it is. If you're interested in developing a web application and you need a developer, look no further!

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iOS Development

iOS Applications

For the past year I’ve been working on projects such as Helsingborg Marathon, coding iOS applications written in C# using the MonoTouch framework in Xamarin Studio. I can help your business develop an application, no matter the scale. Contact me if you want to hear more!

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UI Design

User Interface Design

I’ve been working with interface design for several years, and I was one of the main names in the iPhone theme community until recently. Since I started, I’ve designed themes, websites and applications for both private and commercial use. Please click here or here to see some of my work.